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Dear Laurent,

        Chris and I can't begin to thank you enough for the fantastic job you and your assistant Stephanie did at our wedding that was held at the Blackhawk Museum in Danville. The stress of the day had gotten to me a little and I was nervous, as it was my wedding day. But all those fears and nerves, pretty much went away, as you began to capture our precious moments on film.

        Your patience in dealing with our time schedule and being able to remain in the distance so as not to be distracting during the ceremony and reception, and dealing with difficult situations that sometimes wedding's can bring, was priceless. Chris and I felt so at ease with you before the wedding, during, and now after, that we consider you one of our personal family friends. It was very important to us to find someone we felt comfortable with, that when we found and met you, we knew you were perfect for our family and our day.

         We truly would not have made it through the day if hadn't been for you and Stephanie being with us every step of the way. You both made sure we were all comfortable before continuing onto the next set of photos, but also handling them in a timely manner as to not to take more time than necessary to have us away from our guests. We just cannot express enough how much you and Stephanie mean to us. There just are no words to explain how much we were comforted by your professional and personable attitude.

        You were able to capture every emotion in every single photo. I had dreamed about this day for 28 years, and knew that there would be only one chance to be able look back and remember the day through the photos, and we knew that you were the one that could do that for us, especially when a strong recommendation came from the Blackhawk Museum to, “Not bother with anyone else”. When we received our proofs, we automatically knew it was going to be a tough decision on what photos we were going to order and include in our album. It was not easy trying to choose between ones you had taken and the ones from your assistant Stephanie.

        Every time we hear someone talk about a wedding they will be involved in, we jump at the chance to give them your name and number not only for wedding photography, but for engagement sessions as well. Remember how much fun we had a Sears Point!!! We took an outrageous idea and turned into a day to remember for the rest of our lives that spoke of our unique style and originality.

        We could go on and on about how pleased we were with your work throughout this past year. We have been married for a little over two months now and the reason it took us so long to write this letter, is that there just are no words that can express how blessed we were to have you and Stephanie along with us on our special day.

Chris and Gloria


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